Portfolio Features Overview

The following images are featured images of my portfolio. Simply click on an image or button to explore more of my work.

Feature Portrait

I enjoy taking portraits of people in natural light or in my home studio. In portraiture, I always strive to capture human emotions as I believe we wear our feelings in our facial expressions and body language. I believe all humans are beautiful in their own unique way. As a photographer I try to bring out that internal beauty, capture a beautiful moment and tell a story.

Feature Background

Nature has the most beautiful colors and color combinations especially in the Fall, which is my favorite season because the colors are simply magical. I created this series of images using large apertures to capture the colors and the natural color transitions of the Fall season. The results are absolutely stunning.

Feature Macro

Macro photography has a fascination factor associated with it. It focuses viewer’s attention and highlights details we may miss or ignore in our hectic daily lives. As a photographer I have a wondering eye and enjoy capturing details and creating images that may inspire someone else to pay attention to the little things.

Landscape photography is challenging. Finding the right composition, having the right sky, weather conditions and the perfect lighting does not always happen at the same time. Sometimes you find yourself at a beautiful location, but not so perfect lighting. At times, you may have a short time-frame to photograph and do not have the opportunity to go back when the conditions are right. At times, you wish you did not forget a particular lens or filter at home… But when everything comes together, the images are simply magical.

Wildlife is one of my favorite genres of photography. I would love to only capture images of the animals in their natural environment but it is a sad truth that at times I have taken images of animals in captivity whether it is for “entertainment” or conservation efforts. One thing is for sure, I can see the sadness of animals in captivity captured in their images. What is even more sad is that the human race has taken over and destroyed many natural habitats and caused the endangerment of so many species. We need to do more to minimize our environmental footprint and save our beautiful planet. I hope my images will serve as an inspiration.